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Quality Compliance and Innovation provide aged care consultancy services. We build confidence and a culture for quality of care through outcomes for consumers.

Quality Management Services

Ex2 Tracer™.

We can provide confidence by assisting services with self-assessment and gap analysis prior to re-accreditation site audit or quality reviews using our Ex2 Tracer™. The Ex2 Tracer™ methodology allows the QCI Consulting team to take a holistic approach to quality. The methodology is more Expansive and more Experiential than traditional discovery methodologies. Using the Ex2 Tracer™ methodology allows us to identify performance issues in one or more steps of the care and service delivery processes, or interfaces between processes. The Ex2 Tracer™ methodology is designed to “trace” the care experiences that consumers have whilst at their aged care facility. It is a way to analyse the facilities’ system of providing care, treatment or services using actual consumers as the framework for assessing standards compliance. Consumers selected for these tracers will likely be those with high acuity or whose diagnosis, or type of services received may enable the best in-depth evaluation of the organization’s processes and practices. The goal of these tracers is to identify both individual consumer and facility level risk points and safety concerns within different levels and types of care, treatment or services.

QCI Consulting Quality Management Services

"We want to address the quality of care"

QCI Consumer Experience Survey

QCI consulting offers a Consumer Experience Survey software as a service. This is an electronic system for both residential and home care services that enables organisations and facilities to conduct consumer experience surveys which are aligned with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s surveys.

The QCI consumer experience survey provides you with the tool to conduct regular surveys which will provide you with valuable insights to measure your consumer experience outcomes. It is imperative that you put your consumers at the center of the services that you are providing. The QCI consumer experience survey tool will also assist you to continuously improve your services and achieve excellence.

We can give your staff confidence by providing them with training to relevant standards and continuous quality improvement and their role in quality management.

We can assist you to review your current systems and processes against the new Aged Care Quality Standards and develop action plans to assist you in readiness for assessment against the new standards from July 2019.

We can assist you with standard policy templates for governance, clinical governance, risk management, operations management, and clinical service and non-clinical service delivery.

“We understand this is an area of great fear both for the consumers and their representatives as well as for the caregiving organisations themselves. We don't exploit that fear. Respect is at our very heart”.

QCI Consulting Compliance

Compliance Management Services

We can assist your service with newly identified not met expected requirements of the Quality Standards to develop meaningful responses to ACQSC and addressing issues to prevent non-compliance or serious risk.

Using our Ex2 Tracer™ methodology and QCI consumer experience survey software as a service, we can assist your service to identify both individual consumer and facility level risk points and safety concerns within different levels and types of care, treatment or services. Once identified we can work with you to move from non-compliance to achieve compliance.

We can assist your service with sanctions management, risk management, complaints management and provide a nurse advisor and/or administrator service.

Innovative Services Solutions

We can assist you to review your catering, cleaning and laundry services and implement better practice.
We can assist your service to implement innovative food and menu solutions.
We can assist your service to design and implement better practice training and management solutions.
We can assist your service with better practice and research projects.

QCI Consulting Innovation

In-depth Gap Analysis and
sites for Re-accreditation

As management, clinical, hospitality and environmental consultants we have previously undertaken in-depth gap analysis and prepared sites for re-accreditation by building  confidence and a culture of compliance through outcomes for consumers.

We have also assisted sanctioned services to achieve compliance where high levels of non-compliance had been identified by the ACQSC. With over 20 years’ experience in the health and aged care sector in senior management roles the Directors of Quality Compliance and Innovation Pty Ltd are well placed to successfully review all of the expected requirements of the Quality Standards to identify gaps and areas for improvement.

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