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Virginia Matthews QCI Consulting Principal Consultants

Virginia Matthews

Director | Principal Consultant | Nurse Advisor & Administrator,   Quality Systems Management, Regulatory Compliance, and Clinical Services

Master of Nursing – Business Management and Organisational Development / Aged Care Nursing; Bachelor of Nursing; Graduate Certificate Aboriginal Studies; Diploma of Management; ISQua Surveyor (International).

Virginia has over 20 years of experience in aged care, senior management residential aged care, and for the past 14 years in quality and regulatory roles as a quality surveyor and executive decision maker with the AACQA.

Email: virginia@qciconsulting.com.au

Mobile: 0403306782

Vitish Guddoy QCI Consulting Principal Consultants

Vitish Guddoy

Director | Senior Consultant | Administrator, Quality Systems Management, Procurement, Contract Management, Hospitality and Environmental Services

Post Grad Diploma Business Administration| BA (Hons) Hospitality Management

Vitish is a graduate of the West London University with a BA (Hons) in Hospitality Management and is currently studying an MBA with the Heriot-Watt University. He is a qualified Chef and Hospitality Specialist with 15 years International experience in Business, Procurement, Contract Management, Catering and Food Services. Having worked in a range of different industries from leading hotels of the world, including Heathrow Airport’s extremely busy restaurant, he entered the Aged Care Industry in 2008 and managed catering operations in NSW, with a portfolio of 11 Aged Care sites for Uniting Care Northern Sydney Region.

Vitish’s work for improving food in Aged Care using Molecular Gastronomy technique has been awarded the Better Practice Commendation Award 2017 by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency and Innovation in Service Award by ACS SA & NT. Vitish has also managed, and has extensive experience in, all areas of the environmental services included under Standard Four of the Accreditation Standards – Physical Environment and Safe Systems.

Email: vitish@qciconsulting.com.au

Mobile: 0409035987

Kimberley Moss QCI Consultant

Kimberley Moss

Consultant | Management, Quality Systems Management, Lifestyle and Grant Application

Kimberley Moss is a registered quality surveyor with the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency and has worked in the aged care industry in quality and management for the past 16 years. Kimberley was the General Manager of a stand-alone not for profit facility for two years and during this time obtained the organisation eight additional bed licenses in the 2016 ACAR Round, a $300,000 capital grant from the Federal government and approval to provide federally funded home care.

Kimberley is a skilled grant writer with proven success in obtaining community, state and federal grants, as well as approvals to provide aged care. Kimberley is passionate about providing quality care to older people and has a strong interest (and experience) in providing culturally diverse care.

Kimberley also has extensive experience in talking to older people and ascertaining their satisfaction with the care provided.  Kimberley is a skilled communicator who is able to quickly identify issues and provide creative and innovative solutions.

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