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In October 2018, Virginia Matthews, Principal Consultant at Quality Compliance and Innovation Pty Ltd (QCI Consulting) was appointed as Nurse advisor to a 100+ bed aged care facility in regional Australia. The home had been sanctioned with 7 not Mets Expected Outcomes under the Accreditation Standards with immediate and severe risks having been identified by the Department of Health.

Ms Matthew’s first task at the home was to undertake a consumer survey using the ACQSC (Formerly AACQA) consumer survey. This allowed her to understand where the areas of concern were from a resident and relative perspective. She also implemented a the QCI Consulting Ex2 Tracer™ methodology to map the experiences of a group of residents from admission through to the time of the audit. Twenty residents were reviewed using this process.

The Ex2 Tracer™ methodology allows the QCI Consulting team to take a holistic approach to quality, a culture of innovation and consumer outcome that lead to compliance for the consumers and service provider. The methodology is more Expansive and more Experiential than traditional discovery methodologies delivering a more comprehensive understanding. Therefore, the Ex2 Tracer™ audit identified several other areas of concern and gaps in the home’s processes that had not been identified by the AACQA at their review audit in September 2018.

The home has had further contact the ACQSC and has remained compliant, demonstrating the changes made during the sanctions period were sustainable. It also demonstrated that the issues that were identified through the initial consumer experience survey and Ex2 Tracer™ audit that were also addressed during the sanctions period have assisted the home to achieve and maintain compliance.

The QCI Consulting team received positive feedback from the residents, management, and staff at the home.

The General Manager of the home provided the following feedback on the process and the team:

“We were very lucky in our home to have Virginia Matthews who has such a complete and precise understanding of compliance and compliance remediation.  With Virginia’s experience, she was able to quickly identify gaps and concerns and then worked closely and collaboratively with management and the wider team to education, coach and implement changes to realise sustainable improvements for our home.  Virginia always maintains focus that the resident is at the centre of everything we do and involved our residents every step of the way.

“Our journey to compliance and overall improvement in our home was assisted further with the specialist skills of Vitish Guddoy.  Vitish worked closely with our catering and domestic services team to make huge improvements to our menu and dining services and cleaning services.  This has made a huge difference to both staff and resident and family satisfaction.

“Leading teams through compliance concerns are never easy, however, I would not hesitate to recommend both Virginia and Vitish, their supportive and collaborative approach made a really challenging time just so much easier.”

The acting care manager at the home emailed Ms Matthews on completion of the contract with the home saying:

So sorry to have missed you the other day.  I did not realise it was your final day with us or I would have seen you personally to express my most sincere thanks for your support and guidance of me professionally but also your commitment and passion to ensure better care of our residents.  My learning curve has been huge.  Challenging certainly, but also so very rewarding.  I’m embracing the new challenges and feel so much more confident thanks”.

The residents were very pleased with the new systems and processes in the hospitality services areas and especially the food and the coffee club. The coffee club has contributed positively for many residents that were previously no participating in any activities or social event. This initiative has significantly improved the quality of life of many residents at the home.

The hospitality staff commented on having worked with Mr Guddoy:

“He is just so supportive; he gave us lots of guidance and help and was always willing to compromise to meet the teams varying needs. Oh! And we love the new vacuum cleaners our jobs are so much easier now”.

Since having reviewed the menu and catering service delivery and teaching staff how to properly prepare and deliver texture modified meals the home has received positive feedback from residents and representatives about the meals. One of the highlights of the most recent post entry surveys has been the quality of the food.

If you are an approved provider looking to appoint a nurse advisor or administrator you need look no further than QCI consulting. We assist services to understand their consumers’ needs by undertaking consumer experience surveys, identify issues of concern through our Ex2 Tracer™ auditing methodology of following the residents story, the high impact risk assessment and using the information gathered through these processes and information from ACQSC reports to implement real, and sustainable changes that not only assist services to achieve compliance but to maintain it as well. For QCI consulting, it is all about building confidence in aged care industry.

By Vitish .G

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