Preparing for re-accreditation

We worked together at a 50+ beds Residential Care Facility in Adelaide. The home is an older style purpose-built facility with shared accommodation. The home’s clinical and lifestyle services, living environment and catering services would not have met the Accreditation Standards.

A significant amount of work was required to bring the home up to standard, including:

  • Completing a self-assessment to assist the home to prepare for re-accreditation audit.
  • Using Tracer methodology to audit clinical and lifestyle systems and processes for a group of care recipients. This identified significant gaps in assessment, care planning and review processes, particularly in relation to restraint use, wound care, nutrition, continence, pain, medication and behaviour management.
  • Reassessment of care recipients, and care plans updated to reflect newly identified needs.
  • One to one and group training was provided to staff on the home’s clinical and lifestyle processes to ensure consistent implementation.
  • Significant changes to medication management processes and storage to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.
  • Working in collaboration with the organisation’s external suppliers and reviewing the services processes for fluid texturing. A new system was implemented along with relevant training for all staff.
  • Reconfiguring living spaces to give the care recipients a separate dining room, activities area, and small lounge areas (prior to this all care recipients were taken to one large communal room during the day where they were provided with some entertainment and their meals).
  • Cleaning, painting and refurbishment of the new living area.
  • Cleaning and painting of all residents’ bedrooms (bedrooms had significant damage to walls and skirting, thick dust on vents and windows, salt damp in walls, and mould on walls and ceiling).
  • Redesigning the laundry to provide clean and dirty flow processes and separation.
  • Redesigning the menu to suit the care recipients needs and preferences, and improving efficiencies and cost of food supply.
  • Implementation of standard recipes.
  • Reviewing and implementing appropriate processes for food and fluid texturing to ensure safety and quality for at risk residents.
  • Replacing outdated and inefficient equipment in the kitchen.
  • Arranging for cleaning and replacement of surface areas to improve infection control.
  • Implementation of a suitable uniform and personal hygiene practices for catering staff.
  • Discontinuing practice of cleaning staff providing catering services, including morning and afternoon teas to care recipients.
  • Introducing a point of service delivery of meals by purchasing and training staff how to use a Bain-Marie.
  • Undertaking reviews of the scope of service for cleaning services and purchasing appropriate cleaning equipment in consultation with the staff and equipment manufacturer / supplier.
  • Review of cleaning and laundry roster and implementation of a more effective and efficient roster.
  • Review and implementation of Cleaning and Laundry staffs’ Duty Statements and task lists.

The home had their re-accreditation site audit in  2018 and were found to be compliant with all 44 Expected outcomes of the Accreditation Standards.

By Virginia .M and Vitish .G

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