Non-compliance Management

We were contracted by a regional council in the Northern Territory who had recently had an assessment contact at one of their community aged care services. The AACQA had identified four noncompliant expected outcomes. The AACQA had also identified serious risk in relation to care delivery for one care recipient. We assisted the service to respond to the AACQA Serious Risk Report. As a part of our response to the Serious Risk Report we developed a plan for continuous improvement to address the deficit areas. A part of the plan included contracting Quality Compliance and Innovation Pty Ltd to review the non-compliant expected outcomes and implement new processes and education as needed. The Department of Health did not call Immediate and Severe Risk, because of the services quick response in contracting Quality Compliance and Innovation Pty Ltd. We are currently working with the service and reviewing their processes and practices. We have been providing culturally appropriate training to the mostly Aboriginal work force in the community to assist them to meet the standards.

By Virginia .M and Vitish .G

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